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I’ve heard many people have been scammed while attempting to buy GBL online recently. So I’ve decided to suggest some reputable online shops and make you more aware of the scam sites and companies that sell lower quality than they pretend to. I think GBL has become the scammers choice recently due to the price and demand for GBL. I believe the legal issues surrounding GBL in various countries are stopping people from reporting the site to the relevant authorities, so the sites are sticking around which is clearly not good for us GBL buyers. The vendor that I buy GBL online now from is Magic Cleaner. They sell consistently of 99.99% purity. .

Trusted with 99,99% GBL Websites:

The following suppliers are no scam, but due to lower (chinese) quality (<98%) not recommended

      • (stopped/closed)
      • (re-opened with a new owner,* express delivery has been changed into standard, though shippingcost stayed the same!!)

The following webshops pretend to sell GBL produced by BASF, but be warned u will receive a less purer chinese GBL. I see this as a product-scam.

      • (stopped/closed)
      • (is not longer de-recommend as product scammer),they have stopped selling GBL. U can order 1,4 Butanediol from them now. The differences between GBL and 1,4 Butanediol are findable here.

Scam Websites:

If you would like contact me with any information regarding your experiences with online shops or would like ask me a question feel free to email me Good Luck,